Exterior Home Maintenance or Pride of Ownership

When you buy a house, there are year round exterior responsibilities that comes with it.  When it snows and all the sidewalks are totally covered, it is the homeowners responsibility to make sure that sidewalks and the bottom of the driveways are shovelled.  You can be fined if the city comes around and the sidewalk in front of your house is unusable. That includes the sidewalk and steps that lead to your front door.  If anybody has a slip and fall on your property because you didn’t make it clear and safe, you may find yourself being sued.

You are also responsible to keep your lot as clean as possible which includes cutting your grass during the spring, summer and fall months.  If your lawn becomes too over grown, and it begins to look unsightly, the city can force you to cut it, and if you don’t comply, they have the authority to arrange to have it cut and you will be paying the bill.  Unkempt lawns are not only ugly, but they can become a place to nest for skunks,  mice and other rodents, and believe me, mice will find a way into your house.  Now you have another issue and cost to deal with, mice and exterminators!

Keeping the exterior of your home well kept is not just for you, it is also for your neighbourhood.  I know that if I lived beside someone who had used cars in the driveway, all kinds of garbage being stored at the side of the house, a lawn that looked like a weedy forest and peeling paint, (you get the picture), I would be very upset.  We had a house like that in our neighbourhood and I felt so sorry for the people who lived beside them because they had been trying to sell their house for quite some time without any luck. I certainly can’t imagine anybody wanting to live beside a dishevelled house, that wouldn’t exactly be a selling feature. I also would not enjoy sitting in my yard if I was forced to look at my neighbours messy exterior. It is totally disrespectful to the rest of the neighbours when homeowners have an untidy lot.

Home ownership is a big responsibility, but with that responsibility comes a great outdoor space where you can relax in the summer months, and enjoy the look of all your house all year round.  Pride of ownership brings many rewards too, you will have less problems to deal with when you keep your house well maintained, you will have a lovely, comfortable place to live in, and if you decide to sell your house it will more likely to move much quicker with clean, attractive curb appeal.

About dfconsultants

I have worked in the new home construction industry for 15 years as a Customer Care Manager. I identified a need in customer service which was not being addressed so I decided to start my own company and founded DF Consultants. We educate new home buyers in the After Sales Service process and procedures. Builders have also recognized the advantage of having DF Consultants on their team, so we work with them doing Quality Assurance Inspections (Pre-PDI's), right through to conducting professional PDI's with their purchasers. Our mission is to change the dynamics in the new home construction industry, to improve communcation between builders and their homeowners creating a strong and lasting relationship.
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