Why Cut Of Your Nose To Spite Your Face?

Why are there people who would rather cut off their nose to spite their face, then be cooperative and easy to deal with?  I find this so frustrating.  These are the type of people who need certain things done, yet they do everything in their power to prevent it from happening.  Is this a power thing, or just stubborn ignorance?

I will never understand why people make it so difficult for themselves.  I truly believe that they do it on purpose because they think that they are actually proving a point to the people or company who are trying to resolve whatever issue they might have.  They believe that if they make it difficult for them, that they will come out the winner.  On the contrary, all they are doing is holding up the process and in turn giving themselves a bad name.  Why would people want that??

When I worked for new home construction builders, I found that as soon as someone caused trouble, the process slowed right down, just short of shutting off.  It’s takes too much energy to have to deal with people who are not willing to work cooperatively with you, so it’s easier to put those kind of people last on the list.  That is why I always tell my clients, be cooperative.

I know that I write about this kind of situation quite often, but it’s because it still boggles my mind when I hear about people who continually create problems just to get a job done.  I truly think that these people care more about the fight then they do about resolving issues.

If I can give out the best advice, I will reiterate it again and again…and I have, BE RESPECTFUL, BE COOPERATIVE, ASK QUESTIONS, LISTEN TO THE ANSWERS, AND MOST OF ALL GET EDUCATED.  I always say, if you understand policies and procedures, you are less likely to get stressed, angry and frustrated, unless of course you like those feelings.

About dfconsultants

I have worked in the new home construction industry for 15 years as a Customer Care Manager. I identified a need in customer service which was not being addressed so I decided to start my own company and founded DF Consultants. We educate new home buyers in the After Sales Service process and procedures. Builders have also recognized the advantage of having DF Consultants on their team, so we work with them doing Quality Assurance Inspections (Pre-PDI's), right through to conducting professional PDI's with their purchasers. Our mission is to change the dynamics in the new home construction industry, to improve communcation between builders and their homeowners creating a strong and lasting relationship.
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