Builders, Going That Extra Mile Is Your Best Advertising.

Builders, building new homes and condos is more than the finished product, it is also          building relationships with your purchasers/homeowners.  You need to build trust, and     give your purchasers confidence that they have bought a new home from the best builder.

Yes, construction is a business, and of course making money is the objective, but builders are dealing with people who have spent hard earned money and expect the best customer service.  Builders are dealing with human emotions and must respect that.  Following Tarion rules is important, but don’t lose sight of the fact that the politics of building a home can’t over ride the practical aspect of this business.  Most times the builder needs to realize that they have to go beyond what the rules say, and bring in a mix of compassion, understanding and some flexibility during the process.  Sometimes going that extra mile to make your homeowner happy is the difference between a repeat buyer and a homeowner who’s only thought is to sell their house.

The Customer Care Department needs to remain fresh and upbeat.  When the representatives become frustrated or burnt out the purchasers don’t stand a chance.  I have seen many builders who do not monitor their Customer Care Department to the detriment of their purchaser’s/homeowners.  Customer Care is the face of the company, and it a very difficult position.  This department needs to be able to see situations clearly, they need to work as a team, and they need to be realistic.  They can’t just stick to the rules.  They need to be able to assess a situation, be a good mediator when necessary, and deviate to make their homeowner’s happy.  Without this, the builder’s reputation is at stake.  I am not saying that people will not buy their homes, but I say, why not have the reputation of being not only a builder who produces an exceptional product, but also a builder who cares about their purchasers and is a pleasure to work with.

Builders, a word to the wise, work closely with your Customer Care Department.  Make sure that they work as a team, make sure that they are people orientated, and make sure that they have your support. Too many conciliation requests from homeowners is a good indication that the Customer Care Department may be in trouble.

The most important thing to remember is, to make sure that Customer Care understands that going that extra mile is your best advertising.

About dfconsultants

I have worked in the new home construction industry for 15 years as a Customer Care Manager. I identified a need in customer service which was not being addressed so I decided to start my own company and founded DF Consultants. We educate new home buyers in the After Sales Service process and procedures. Builders have also recognized the advantage of having DF Consultants on their team, so we work with them doing Quality Assurance Inspections (Pre-PDI's), right through to conducting professional PDI's with their purchasers. Our mission is to change the dynamics in the new home construction industry, to improve communcation between builders and their homeowners creating a strong and lasting relationship.
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