We Are Never Too Old To Learn

Do you think we are ever too old to learn?  What about taking advice, are we ever too old to take advice?  Taking advice and a willingness to learn something new are two things that can cause a great deal of anger and resentment.  I am not even sure why.

Isn’t it a good thing to be better at what you do, or to be well informed which might make your life easier?  Some people get insulted when given advice.  Some people will become angry if they feel that someone is telling them what to do.  I guess it could be in the presentation.  There is a way to deliver a message, and hopefully it will be received in the way it was meant to be given.

I say we are never too old to learn.  Learning is how we grow as human beings.  It’s how we better ourselves and sometimes our lives.  Learning and taking advice is part of life.  If we didn’t need to learn new things, we would all be living pretty boring lives.  Our brains would wither up and die.  We would have nothing to look forward to because we would already know everything.

Think about it, every time we learn something new, our lives are enriched with that new knowledge.  If we can apply what we learn in our everyday lives, we could discover that we just made our situation just a little bit easier.  So, if I can give one bit of advice it would be to keep an open mind, listen to the advice youare being given.  It’s up to you how your choose to use it, but at least you have learned something new.

About dfconsultants

I have worked in the new home construction industry for 15 years as a Customer Care Manager. I identified a need in customer service which was not being addressed so I decided to start my own company and founded DF Consultants. We educate new home buyers in the After Sales Service process and procedures. Builders have also recognized the advantage of having DF Consultants on their team, so we work with them doing Quality Assurance Inspections (Pre-PDI's), right through to conducting professional PDI's with their purchasers. Our mission is to change the dynamics in the new home construction industry, to improve communcation between builders and their homeowners creating a strong and lasting relationship.
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