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Hey everyone, DF Consultants is spreading the word about our services to both builders and purchasers. The responses have been postive mixed with excitement.  New home purchasers have realized that understanding the policies and procedures that are in place when buying a new home, makes the experience stress-free. New Home Builders have recognized that our services not only give them savvy homeowners, but that they can also utilize our services as part of their Customer Care team.

DF Consultants is working to change the dynamics of the new home construction industry by bringing builders and their homeowners closer through education.  We want homeowners happy and satisfied, and we want builders to have exceptional Customer Care.  The results, exceptional communication, happy homeowners and repeat buyers.

Help us to spread the word by “liking” our Facebook page.  We may even be working with you in the future.!/DFConsultants

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DF Consultants Press Release




Builders and Developers Enthusiastic About Working with DF Consultants

 Toronto, ON – July 17, 2012 – After a successful inaugural year, DF Consultants has expanded from working exclusively with new home buyers, educating them in the AfterSales Service procedures, to working directly with new home builders. This business development has given builders and developers the opportunity to have DF Consultants complete their after sales services (including Pre Delivery Inspections (PDI), communication with purchasers regarding policies, procedures and more).

“It has been a pleasure to work alongside DF Consultants,” says Matthew Slutsky, President and Co-founder BuzzBuzzHome. “Via their online dialogue (from Twitter to guest-blogging) DF Consultants has demonstrated a deep knowledge of the New Home After Sales Service procedures ensuring that new home purchasers are well informed, and understand what to expect before and after closing”.

DF Consultants is the first company in Toronto to educate purchasers about the policies and procedures that come with buying a new house or condominium from a builder. Darlene Freeman, Founder and President, recognized that purchasers were anxious after buying their new homes. She started DF Consultants determined to ease the uncertainty, in turn creating a better relationship between the builders and their homeowners.

“We had no idea what to expect or what to look for when we booked our PDI,” says Eric Kuperman, client of DF Consultants. “The explanation regarding levels of important items to inspect during the PDI was brilliant. We followed DF Consultants’ instructions, and our PDI went smoothly and we worked well with our builder. All in all we walked away feeling very satisfied with our PDI and with our consultation from DF Consultants.”

Builders are eager to work with DF Consultants for their services in conducting professional PDIs, and working with their buyers to clarify the After Sales Service procedures. Brent Wilker Marketing Manager of Conasys Inc says, “I have seen first-hand the positive impact DF Consultants has made in the new home construction industry.”

DF Consultants creates a sense of trust that many homeowners do not feel after purchasing their new home leading new home builders to recognize the advantage of having DF Consultants on their team. Other companies associated in new home construction have also recognized the importance of DF Consultants’ contribution to the industry. For example, real estate agents specializing in new home purchases have provided DF Consultants’ services to their clients as gifts.

DF Consultants, in cooperation with builders, is looking to change the dynamics of the new home construction industry by ensuring that purchasers/homeowners understand their role and responsibilities as a new home buyer, and the builders’ role and responsibilities as a new home seller.

About DF Consultants

Darlene Freeman and her team at DF Consultants boast 15 years of experience in the new home construction industry. As professionals in After Sales Service in high-rise and single family homes, DF Consultants understands the importance of a good builder/purchaser relationship and achieves this by improving purchaser knowledge. The result is positive communication with the builder and a unique and valuable service that is not offered anywhere else. Look for Darlene Freeman’s column Buyers Forum in the Homes Extra section of the Toronto Sun newspaper. For more information please visit   


 For additional information or an interview please contact:

Jeremy Carson, Consultant



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The Real “411” About Builders

If there is one thing that I have learned over the past 15 years working in the new home construction industry, it’s that builders are human.  What do I mean by that?  Well, houses and condos are built by human hands, and human beings using machines to get the job done, which means that perfection is not a reality. That doesn’t mean that quality is not a reality.

I know that builders do construct safe and solid structures.  They take every precaution to produce a product that will bring comfort and happiness to the people who buy them, but, unforeseen problems can arise. The best example is this new phenomenon with glass combusting and falling off condos.  This sort of thing can give the builder a bad name, but do you really believe that a builder would purchase glass with the knowledge that it was going to come crashing down?   I don’t think so.  Unfortunately, an incident like this does bring about negative connotations towards the builder, and it is the builders’ name that is splashed all over the news and social media when something like this happens.  To the builders’ detriment, potential buyers unfortunately can’t see past the builders’ name when they hear negative stories in the media.  In reality however; this is a manufacturer issue.

Now, I am not saying that falling glass is not a concern, and extremely dangerous, but this does not speak to the builders capabilities, nor should it tarnish their reputation.  This is something that needs to be reviewed by the glass companies who sell this product.  Is glass regulated?  Is it tested to see if it can with stand, heat, cold and pressure?   I would say that the builders’ responsibility is to ensure that the company they use for windows and balconies has not had continual incident of breaking glass, and that the glass companies take immediate action if this sort of thing has happened.

Builders must follow stringent guidelines when building houses and condos, and they cannot deviate from those guidelines.  As a result, builders do not take deficiencies lightly.  It just would not make sense to knowingly put out a product that is substandard.   Most importantly, builders understand that their homeowners are their best advertising, and it is their homeowners’ happiness and peace of mind that ensures repeat sales and referrals.  So, my advice is, don’t make snap judgements or decisions when hearing or reading negative press about a builder.  It is in your best interest to ask their homeowners how they feel.  They are the ones who know firsthand about their builder and their new home.  They are the ones who will give you the real “411”.

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A New Home Owner and Twitter.

I had a client who found us, he told me, by accident on Twitter.  I asked what he meant by accident, and he told me that he was just looking at his Twitter feed, not really paying too much attention, when all of a sudden he saw something that I wrote.  He said he didn’t even follow me on Twitter, and knew nothing about what DF Consultants was about.  He wasn’t even sure why DF Consultants showed up on his page, but he said it was the best thing that could have happened.

He and his wife had just closed on a new house that they had purchasesd from a builder. He told me that they were going crazy not knowing what to do about warranties, deficiencies, Tarion Forms, and most importantly how to get through to their builder. He said that he went on to Twitter to try to get his mind off things when all of a sudden he saw my tweet.  He then went to our website and called me immediately.  He said that things happen for a reason, and that this was the best accident that could have happened.

He said that he wished he had heard about our services before he had done his Pre Delivery Inspection.  He couldn’t believe that there was a company out there geared to educating and supporting homeowners who purchase homes from builders. I was happy to be able to help him, and happy that he found us.

I do use the typical social medias to get the word out about DF Consultants (and they obviously work).  I even, on occasion, advertise in various newspapers, and I have appeared on a local Real Estate televison show, but, I find that the best advertising is word of mouth.  If I have a client who leaves our consultations feeling empowered, knowledgeable and confident, then we have done our job.  Builders also reap the rewards of our services, because when their homeowners understand the protocol and procedures of the new home construction industry, communication is better and there is much less negative interaction.

I am proud that we can be a major part of building positive relationships between builders and their home owners. With the ever growing new home construction industry in Toronto, our services play an integral part of the new home buying process.

Thank you Twitter for bringing  DF Consultants to the attention of another new home owner.



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Boycott Fresh Fish From Loblaws

I am writing about something a little different today because I saw something that was very disturbing to me and I want to share it.

I am an animal lover, and I certainly don’t agree with cruelty to animals, even those that are being bred for food.  I was food shopping at No Frills, which is a grocery store chain in Toronto.  They are owned by the Loblaws Corporation which is also a chain of grocery stores.  I was walking towards the meat department and to my horror, I saw live fish packed into a fish tank so small that they were unable to move. There were actually packed in so tight they were on top of each other.  I couldn’t believe my eyes.  Those poor fish could not swim around freely, and with all of the fish in that tank, they probably could not breath very well either.  I called the head office and they informed me that they do not own the fish department, they rent out that space to another company.  They assured me that they did not condone what that company with doing, and they gave me the phone number to the fish company so that I could speak to them directly.

I actually got a hold of a person who works in the store where I first saw the fish, and I told them that this was unacceptable and that they had no right to pack so many fish into such a small space.  They said that they would speak to their manager about this.  I also took it upon my self to speak to someone who is an expert with fish (he works in a pet store that specializes in all kinds of fish).  I felt that the fish couldn’t possibly be healthy being packed into a tank so tightly and he agreed, he also went on to tell me that they probably don’t feed the fish very often so that they won’t deficate in the tank and eat it.  This is so disgusting.

I understand that we must breed animals for food, but until that animal, even a fish, is sold, it has the right to live in their environment as comfortably as possible.  Here is a photo of how those fish are being kept in the Loblaws and No Frill stores. Obviously they don’t really care how the fish are being treated, because nothing has changed.   You tell me if you believe that this is ok, because I certainly don’t.

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Old House, New House Know What To Look For

This past weekend was rainy and very chilly, colder than it should be for this time of year.  This is the kind of weekend that people will take advantage of the less then good weather, and spend the day shopping.  Some people shop for clothing, some shop for garden items, and some shop for a new home.

There are many decisions that we need to make when we shop for a new home.  First and foremost do we want a new home or do we want an older home hopefully with tons of character?  Well an older home can really be beautiful with wonderful finishes unlike what we would get with a new home, but along with all of that character sometimes comes a lot of hidden problems.  Leaky roofs, dated plumbing, old out dated furnaces, crumbling foundations, all things that could end up turning your unique find into a money pit.  I am all for older homes, I do love the character, so to avoid any unforeseen problems, make a list of the things that are important to inspect, and if you do fall in love with an older home, get a home inspection before firming up the deal.

A new home from a builder, usually does not have the same problems as an older home, but they do come with another kind of issue that is important to know about.  There are procedures that need to be followed in order to ensure that all defiencies are taken care of.  All builders are registered with Tarion Warranty Corporation, and Tarion holds the warranty on your new home.  It is so important to understand what is warranted, and what is not.  Many people believe that everything is under warranty no matter what.  This is not true, and this is what causes the most stress and anxiety with new homeowners.  I sound like a broken record when I say that you must understand the policies and procedures so that you can enjoy your new home instead of turning it into a battle ground.

Learn about how to get along with your builder, they need to be your ally not your enemy.  One major tip that I can give you is, when you get the keys to your new house or condo, BEFORE  you move anything into your house, do an inspection of your own.  Take a look at your floors, cabinets, counters, toilets, bathtubs, and make sure that you didn’t miss any deficiencies during your Pre Delivery Inspection.  If you do happen to find something that was not noted on your PDI, call your builder immediately and follow up with an email or fax to let them know what you have found.  Most builders will accept the new deficiencies and fix them for you.  DO NOT waste time looking for tiny scratches or barely visible marks because as a rule of thumb if you can’t see an item from at least 5 feet away in normal light, it is not warranted.  This means no crawling on floors or using a flashing light to find items.  Knowing this also alleviates anger and stress.

So, happy house or condo hunting and no matter if you buy new or old, make sure you are a savvy purchaser.

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Catch My Column In The Toronto Sun

I really love doing my column in the Toronto Sun because it gives me the unique opportunity to reach so many people who have purchased houses or condos from builders.

  This column is geared to educating and answering your questions, whether they are about how to choose your interior finishes, all they way to rules and procedures that the builder implements as per Tarion Warranty Corporation.  There really is so much to know when you buy a new home from a builder, and my column in the Toronto Sun gives everyone the opportunity to get some answers.

Remember, the only way that we can learn and grow is to ask questions.  Never think your question is not important or significant.  If it means something to you, then it is worth asking.

You can catch my column this Friday and Saturday.  Please spread the word about this column and please continue to email me your questions.  You can also check out my website

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